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Frequently asked questions


Kapwa E.R.A. : Exercise Rituals for All (our fellow humans.) [suggested ages 5+]

Course Descritpion:

Family style class intended for all skill levels and are a great workout option for all fellow humans looking to improve their relationship to movement, music and community.  


F.L.O.R. Play: Fundamental Locomotion & Obtaining Rhythm

Course Description:

Increase awareness and the understanding of self.  Learn to manipulate your own weight before lifting anything else more than your own and more.  Focus on movements to progress in coordination and injury prevention.


Advanced Capoeira

Course Description: ​

Always be ready to play.  Recognize what you can do in each daily moment, no matter what goes on in life.  Your presence and energy will always be valued in this environment.  


Intro. Capoeira

Course Description:This Capoeira class delivers movements and musical acrobatics ("MMA") beyond comparison for all experience levels. Our classes combine the sweet science of self-defense techniques with the transformative power of capoeira training in one seamless class. Each session is a full-body workout, injury prevention conditioning, and energy recharge to your lifestyle. Capoeira is the movement meditation, and musical medicine designed to reprogram your standards.

So what exactly is Capoeira? Capoeira is a Brazilian dance style of African origin. It is the ultimate fitness workout to reprogram your body, mind, and spirit. Come discover the power of your abilities! 

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