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Mestre Amen Santo (Left), Galo (Middle left), Lateef Crowder Dos Santos (Middle right) :

Voador DVD Release event.  

Our Mestre:

"A native of Salvador Bahia, Mestre Amen Santo is a recognized Mestre de Capoeira, master drummer, and is the Artistic Director of the Brasil Brasil Cultural Center. He began his artistic career under the guidance of Mestre Waldemar and Mestre Avila in Liberdade, Bahia, Brazil. His was mentored as a performer by Negão de Doni (percussion) and Emilia Biancardi (dance) and toured internationally as a member of Brazil’s historic premiere folk ensemble Viva Bahia."

"In 1989, he founded the Brasil Brasil Cultural Center that serves as the home base for a professional touring ensemble (the Ballet Folclòricodo Brasil) and the internationally renowned and longest standing capoeira school in Southern California, Capoeira Batuque. Santo helped bring capoeira to a worldwide audience through his performance and choreography in feature films including “Only the Strong” and “Kickboxer IV.” Santo has used dance and music as platform for promoting intercultural interchange, and valorization of Latin American diversity and the African Diaspora. He has also been honored in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and as a pioneer by the World Sokeship Council."


Galo (left), Contramestre Versátil ( middle left), Xuxu (middle right), Instructor Arisco (Right) : International Capoeira Federation Tournament

Our Contra-Mestre:

"Contramestre Versátil is one of a select handful to have reached this rank in the United States and is one of the top ranked American born practitioners of the art of Capoeira. Versátil regularly teaches in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of Southern California. He also travels often to teach throughout the USA, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. He is known for his detailed yet motivating teaching style and knowledge of the seemingly disparate aspects of dance and combat." 


"Under the guidance of Contramestre Versátil, we learn capoeira as an art, culture, philosophy, and tradition. Teaching methods range from sessions based in the traditions of African Diaspora dance, to high intensity bodyweight sets developed from strategies by exercise physiologist Dr. Izumi Tabata; the infamous Bucket Class!"


Capoeira Batuque Hollywood/ Santa Ana/ Korea-town Fam!




Capoeira Batuque Daly City Warriors feat. at The Filipino Channel [TFC]: "Balitiang America"

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