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Kuya Galo was born a first generation Pilipino-American in San Francisco, California.  His passion for movement and martial arts began in 1994 with Professor Gerald Ronan and Professor Vince Ronan of Ralph Castro Shaolin Kenpo Karate, where after 20+ years later reunites to hold Capoeira classes at their SKMA studio in Daly City.  During his college years, Galo also seeked other styles of martial art movement and trained with Sifu Valerie Lee of Chang Chuan Kung fu in 2003.  His interest and appreciation for martial arts then grew more.  He moved on to study other styles like Judo with Judoka Sayaka Matusmotto, Filipino Martial Arts such as the Tabimina Balintawak System with Master Gerald Rafael of Upakan Bara Bara, and Lucha Libre with Judas Draven of Freak Show Wrestling.  His first Capoeira experience began when he met Professor Espantalho of Omulu in 2004.   He soon began introductory classes taught by Mestre Preguiça of Omulu, who was a direct pupil of the legendary Mestre Bimba, however discontinued training shortly after to pursue his dance career opportunities as a Bboy (representing  the Jive Core Legion Bboy Crew)  and freelance choreographer of Philippine cultural dances.  


In 2008, his dance career takes him to meet dance choreographer Paco Gomez who shows him how to play a "Capoeira Angola" game.  Then his interest for Capoeira movements reignites.  In the same year, Galo becomes friends with Formado Guaiamum of Capoeira USA, who inspired him to set up a Capoeira Club group at San Francisco State University.  Soon after, he began regular training with many different groups across the Bay Area.

Then opportunity has led him to leave the Bay Area to finish schooling in Southern California, in 2009.  From there he establishes a beautiful friendship with Mestre Versátil of Capoeira Batuque over some food and karaoke in a Hollywood Thai town restaurant.  Galo knew right away he felt at home and continued training hard.  His dedication led him to so many opportunities to shine in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Rio, and all over Asia.   He competed multiple years in the International Capoeira Federation Championship Tournament and earned his three medals.  He has performed on shows with Viver Brasil, cultural dance events with Loftoeira, carnaval samba parades with Ana Laidley of Malandro N'Motion, Rock N' Rio Las Vegas Music Festival with  Brasil Brasil Cultural Center,  Gafieira Brasil Competition showcase with Rodrigo Marques in Rio de Janeiro,  The National Samba King and Queen Competition in Arizona where Galo was crowned the "Nacional Príncipe do Samba EUA 2016-17" (National Prince of Samba USA).  Other titles he previously held are "Rei do Samba: Santa Barbara, CA 2016" (The King of Samba: Santa Barbara, CA 2016) and "Nacional Duque do Samba EUA 2015-16" (National Duke of Samba USA 2015-16).  


Galo began his regular training with the legendary Mestre Amen Santo of Capoeira Batuque in 2013.

Today Galo resides in the Bay Area and is still practicing under the guidance of Mestre Amen Santo and Mestre Versátil

"Can't stop, won't stop."

Capoeira Batuque Daly City
International Capoeira Federation

Galo during the ICAPF Chapmionship Tournament.


 Kuya Galo

Oct 2019                    Oct 2021

Nes Marco "GALO" Morales is certified in Basic Life Support CPR.

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