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"Capoeira Batuque is a group that is committed to the study and research of all aspects of capoeira without judging or excluding any particular style. We believe that it is extremely important to have a broader understanding of this art form as a whole. In training and respecting different styles of Capoeira, we aim to increase our vocabulary to be able to participate in any roda. Some Capoeira atheletes believe that people should stick with one style, however, this seems to come from more of a political viewpoint, more so than one of capability. So when people ask us what our style is, we can simply reply, Capoeira. We strongly believe Capoeira can and should be used as a tool to empower others, without so much emphasis on style."

"Capoeira Batuque is not a style. This name was chosen for our organization because Mestre Amen wanted to pay homage to his African roots. This is extremely important to him because he feels as though African culture, in many cases, get’s forgotten or misrepresented in Brasil. Capoeira Batuque is dedicated to bringing people together from different ethnicities, races, religious background, and gender. We believe through Capoeira we can teach people to be compassionate towards others and learn from different cultures and experiences."

What does Batuque mean?

"Batuque has multiple meanings, but two key definitions are rhythm, and fighting style. Batuque was an African fighting style that Mestre Bimba used to create Capoeira Regional. Mestre Bimba learned this art from his father as a child, who was a champion of Batuque. Also, Batuque is an ensemble of drums and represents the action of playing."

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